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HOMEBOY is Your Digital Assistant for Apartment Hunting

Find your next apartment with HOMEBOY on all real estate portals at the same time. Receive real-time alerts and be the first to apply.
Web app – no download necessary.

Start your free 7 day trial now!

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Finding a new home has never been this easy!

One search for all real estate platforms

Just search everywhere without compromise. Never just go for one platform at a time.

Receive new offers immediately and apply first

With out WhatsApp or Email service, you will never miss an offer again and will never apply too late.

More viewings guaranteed

The early bird always gets an invitation to the viewing. Being the first to react makes the difference.


Satisfied Customers


real estate alerts sent


happy customers

⌀ 2.5+

months of search time saved

"Homeboy is amazing! I can't believe how quickly I found my new place and how many viewings I got. Getting my offers in real time was super helpful, and their support team was always ready to help. 5 stars!"

Nadia S. (29)

"Homeboy works. I searched in Cologne and got three viewings a week. After only one month I had three confirmations. The apartment I decided for checked all the boxes and has a great location in the city centre."

Luisa T. (27)

"It only took me two weeks to find a new place in Munich, which is nearly impossible. Always being the first to apply really helped and I saved a lot of time actively searching."

Parham A. (33)


3 Step guide to your dream home


1. Sign up for free

Create an account on our website. Here you can manage your profile and searches. 

All leading real estate platforms in one service

7 days free trial without subscription

Subscriptions can be canceled any time

2. Create your search profiles

Take 5 minutes to create your first search profile.

We would also be happy to automatically filter out unwanted offers for you, such as exchange apartments, WBS offers, part-time rentals and more.

Create a search profile with Homeboy
HOMEBOY WhatsApp and Email Push-Notifications

3. Get push-notifications about new offers

Whether via email or WhatsApp, from now on you will receive the latest offers from all major real estate platforms directly on your mobile phone. 

Never miss an offer again and always be among the first applicants.

Old Vs. New Method

Old Vs. New Method

How finding a new home suddenly becomes easy with HOMEBOY!

About Us

Our Story

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We will search for you so you don't have to

HOMEBOY's mission is to provide everyone with the same technology and tools that the big players use for the real estate search process, to level the playing field for everyone. We understand the challenges faced when searching for a new home - numerous marketplaces, overwhelming efforts, and always being a step behind. After our search technologies were already applied and successfully used in other markets for many years, we now decided to share it with you and call it HOMEBOY. By streamlining the search across portals and providing real-time notifications, we give people a fair chance to secure their dream home efficiently. Our commitment lies in empowering users in their pursuit of the perfect home with the help of technology.



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Homebopy Detective found home

Experience our real estate search engine: The all-in-one solution to search the whole online real estate market in real-time. Be one of the first of the first to apply for your new dream home.



Cross-Portal Search Capability

  • Get all offers from the relevant real estate portals unified in one service

  • No need to juggle multiple websites and apps

  • Receive a wider range of offers from various portals you didn't have on your radar before



Email or WhatsApp Notifications

  • Email or WhatsApp, pick your preferred push technology on a per search profile basis

  • Be among the first to reply to new offers and drastically increase your chances for an invitation to a showing

  • Get any offer from any platform at any time, without having to check constantly



Custom Search Profiles

  • Fine-tune your search profiles and settings based on your and your recipient's criteria

  • Create up to 4 different search profiles

  • Add different recipients to your searches, such as your partner or future flatmates



Flexible Subscriptions

  • Choose freely, select from 1, 2, or 3-month subscription plans to best fit your needs

  • Avoid long-term commitments, cancel your subscription at any time

  • If you are unsatisfied with the product, get your money back within 7 days after purchase

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